Saturday, July 3, 2010


For a perfect fit: measure the circumference of your head right above eyebrows.
Helmet should fit snug! If you don't like snug fitting helmets let us know and we'll make it a little larger.

55cm (21.65 in) to 56cm (22.04 in) - SMALL
57cm (22.44 in) to 58cm (22.83 in) - MEDIUM
59cm (23.22 in) to 60cm (23.62 in) - LARGE
61cm (24.01 in) to 62cm (24.41 in) - X-LARGE

We can do smaller or bigger sizes.
Shells JK-400 and MINI are not recommended for XX-LARGE, they will fit a bit too tight.
MINI comes without snaps buttons in front and only accept traditional style strap.

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