Monday, August 2, 2010


Joe King is a small family company that produces vintage style helmets.
Our products are HANDMADE one by one. I personally finish EVERY helmet. The supervision and guidance of our seamstress is made by my own family and myself. All helmets are painted by REAL painters. We want to them to be as hand crafted as possible rather than industrialized.

We are NOT a large factory that makes 2.000 helmets per day. We believe that making fewer helmets with a small staff that loves what they do will make the best and most exclusive helmets available.

This is what we do:

We don't buy plastic ABS shells from China like everyone else...we make our own Fiberglass shells the same way they were made back in the day.

Our straps are made from 100% real leather. Not even the vintage 60s helmet had real leather for straps.

The helmets are small, good looking and are NOT D.O.T. certified just like the early ones weren't.

If you are a lucky owner of a REAL small, low profile helmet produced until 1968 you know what I'm talking about and we have taken quality one step above.



  1. When is my helmet going to ship? I ordered it in NOVEMBER!!!! You told me a month ago it was shipping that week. I feel like I have been EXTREMELY patient up until now. But this is getting ridiculous.

  2. thanks for sharing..Amazing stuff continues the good work.

    king of the dot

  3. How do I get that helmet? Love it, so nice! Never seen anything like it before, and I prefer the half helmets, but its important to get the right helmet which suites you best.

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